Welcome to Back to Class, the official website of pro-fisherman Bobby Barrack.

I have been fishing the California Delta since I was in diapers. The Delta has molded me into the professional angler, guide, and teacher I am today.

I have fished competitively for over 25 years. In 1998 I successfully pursued my passion and career as a professional angler, with the support and encouragement from my wife and kids, and began guiding on the California Delta.

I've always enjoyed the teaching aspects of bass fishing, so I called my California Delta Guide Service " Back to Class". My classroom consists of 1,000 miles of waterways, with a maze of sloughs and hidden backwater ponds. Clients through the years have chartered my bass fishing service to enjoy a peaceful day on the Delta, while catching the quality of bass this special body of water has to offer. Over the last decade, the majority of my clientele has hired me to break down and help them understand this integral and sometimes intimidating body of water. I do this by providing my clients a better understanding of seasonal patterns, a variety of techniques, and information on the tidal effect on Large-mouth and Striped Bass.

Anglers underestimate the importance of good fundamentals when fishing. The technical and mechanical aspects of bass fishing are extremely important to me. While in my floating classroom, I will critique, coach and assists in the development of your angling skills. If you choose to charter my guide service, I will share with you my experience, knowledge and history, in an effort to help you unlock some of the mysteries and myths pertaining to the awesome California Delta.